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One party in trouble, P Plus support, pray Ya’an

Hapoin VN

Ya’an earthquake, affecting the hearts of the people. National compatriots have been concerned about all aspects of the earthquake-stricken areas reported. One side is difficult, P Plus support, Hapoin first to the people of Ya’an and the initiative to contribute to the people of Ya’an people with love. Initiative only issued a week, Hapoin employees […]

Hapoin charity activities – 2014 to help Tibet Xigaze

Hoạt động từ thiện của Hapoin năm 2014

In 2014, Hapoin continuation of the company’s corporate culture over the years, continue to maintain assistance to poor mountain areas. The goal of our donation is to locate the Shigatse region in Tibet, and we appeal to everyone to donate their own intact clothing. When the news was issued, they got the enthusiastic response of […]

Hapoin charity activities – 2015 to help Tibet Xigaze

logo hapoin vn

In 2015, Hapoin continued its corporate culture over the years and continued to provide assistance to poor mountainous areas. The Hapoin donated the goal is to extend the 2014 Xigaze City, Tibet, called on everyone to donate their intact clothing. When the news was issued, they got the enthusiastic response of colleagues, a short period […]

​Hapoin charity activities – 2013 help large Liangshan

Hoạt động từ thiện của Hapoin

Hapoin this year, the joint “off to help large Liangshan Association,” with the theme of planning and held a “low-carbon counterparts, clothing network Wife” old donation activities. Hapoin collection of materials and sent along with supplies to the big Liangshan, and then by the Association to help us distribute the materials needed to the hands […]

Hapoin 2016 “June Book Donation” Campaign

Văn hóa tặng sách cho trẻ em 4

As the “six” Children’s Days approach, Hapoin upholds the concept of “people oriented”, practicing Hapoin (Happy Tham) corporate culture. For the children of Hapoin employees carefully prepared a special holiday gift: books. Books are people’s friends, books are the ladders of human progress. Hapoin encourages young employees to love books from childhood, love reading, and […]