BGA rework station of famous Japanese brand DIC (Denon) in Greater China Dealer conference held in Shanghai Hapoin enterprise headquarters, DIC Watanabe Eyre Shi Hapoin Joint Stock Company chairman Chong Xiansheng and representatives Ms. Chen Jingjing’s business, agents and other representatives of DIC China attended.

It is reported that DIC dealers in this conference require participants to strengthen DIC BGA Rework station promotion agencies in the Chinese market, Chairman of DIC Joint Stock Company Watanabe Eyre Shi Hapoin Chong Xiansheng headed First affirms the businesses, including promoting various agents DIC BGA Rework efforts carried out by this platform, and promises that in the coming years, DIC will support agencies there in the activities Chinese market promotion activities, mainly to provide convenience and support in terms of logistics, information flow and so on.

Chairman of DIC Watanabe Eyre Joint Stock Company Shi Chong Xiansheng at the meeting announcing the latest agency rules, new regulations focused on protecting and protecting the interests of agents, which were unanimously approved Hapoin and other dealer participants, the dealer he expressed DIC BGA Rework station its sales prospects in recognition of the Chinese market.

DIC at a meeting about the development of the next year for the dealer has a sales target and hear from Hapoin businesses and other dealers next year about rework promotion and sales plan DIC BGA , and give a positive.

After four hours after the meeting, as the meeting was held, Hapoin Enterprise Co., Ltd. and DIC DIC invited dark agents to represent other regions, successfully ending this DIC agents Congress.

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