Hapoin this year, the joint “off to help large Liangshan Association,” with the theme of planning and held a “low-carbon counterparts, clothing network Wife” old donation activities. Hapoin collection of materials and sent along with supplies to the big Liangshan, and then by the Association to help us distribute the materials needed to the hands of the most in need.

Public welfare activities have gradually become one of our company’s corporate culture, but also a collection of our modest to support the needs of the people.

Hoạt động từ thiện của Hapoin

As soon as the news was received, we got a positive response and enthusiastic participation. In just one week, we raised 4 big boxes of clothes and sent them in late April.

Low-carbon environmental protection, everyone is responsible, clothing network Wife, watch each other. Hope that these loaded with our love of clothing to the compatriots in the hands of large Liangshan, let them wear warm, but also feel the warmth of the soul.

Follow-up feedback 2013-5-16

Gift roses, hand-lingering fragrance, plot good to save love, love eternal.

About the company in April for the “low-carbon counterparts, clothing network Wife – – 2013 annual public welfare activities” in the company and the joint efforts of the Association, has been successfully completed. Enthusiastic staff donated clothes have been served in the hands of the Yi people in the Liangshan.

Hoạt động từ thiện của Hapoin 2

I would like to thank all employees for their strong support of the company’s public welfare activities, and hope that we can continue to extend the spirit of this activity.

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