The Breeze at the end of October was especially warm on a clear day. In this travel-friendly weather, the Electronics Assembly Department is on the “treading on the wave “journey.

On the first day of the team building, we arrived at the Dongsha beach in Zhoushan. We were split into Team”Cheng Feng Po Lang” and Team”Jing Tao Hai Lang”. Held a lot of games to compete, such as,”Rooster laying eggs”,” running”, “tug-of-war”, the final Team”Cheng Feng Po Lang” won the day’s game. We also built a logo out of sand togother. At the Bonfire Party, we showed our singing, dancing and other talents, and formed an interesting surprise team, so that we spent a happy unforgettable night.

Hoạt động teambuiding - Bộ phận lắp ráp điện tử

Hoạt động teambuiding – Bộ phận lắp ráp điện tử

The next day we went to Daqing mountain for a visit.We went out to sea in a sailboat with the sea breeze blowing. We felt very enjoyable and comfortable

Hoạt động teambuiding - Bộ phận lắp ráp điện tử 2

Các hoạt động teambuiding – Bộ phận lắp ráp điện tử 

The team building activities these two days are full of strong friendship. In this activity we are close, emotional unity, like family.Each time we trust each other and support each other, it keeps us going further, to accomplish more challenges, to achieve more goals.

Life is full of possibilities, and all we need is courage, enthusiasm, and creativity to blend in. For us, the activities are not only an unforgettable memory, but also a guide to our future work and life. In the future work, we will continue to maintain this team spirit, joint efforts, make great efforts, create new glories for the company!


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