April spring day, on the 17th Hapoin organized a Sheshan active hiking outing. In the morning to participate in the activities of Hapoin staff, completed in Sheshan Metro Station Line 9 feet, we drove to the foot of a unified West Sheshan. And clocks in the past, this was simply a “Forest Hill.” So many trees, although more densely exposed, they are closed, but they are arranged very appropriately, giving a feeling of good organization.

Ngày hội đi bộ Hapoin

The walking tour began, everyone following the company’s instructions, “Hapoin Enterprise” banner, went to the top of the big mountain states, this is the famous church of Our Lady of Sheshan, surrounded by Green trees, like the color of thick luxuriant green brocade, will make the Cathedral dress more attractive. When the fog covers, its appearance is gradually revealed more clearly. Either sparse or dense, or see darker church colors, just a picture just to see.

Ngày hội đi bộ Hapoin 2

From West Sheshan hill down, we went into East Sheshan, the way to see the most is bamboo. Was until the spring of 1672, Kangxi tour of the south, Sheshan people the title of “Blue Mountain buds” of the plaque, is the Central Plains by Sheshan buds delicious taste, to “question orchid buds and vegetarian to frugal vegetarianism in favor of “enlightenment.” Nowadays, “Blue Mountain Bamboo” in the name is little known in the West only perched there is a wall outlet standing “Green Bamboo Mountain”, the words. On the hillside, next to a little stone bench. We got a little trimmed and at the same time enjoying the trekking company’s meal, we also sampled the general manager to buy a delicious lamb skewer. Since climbing consumes stamina points, they are eaten with gusto. After finishing lunch, we continued to the starting summit. A moment to the top of the hill and see the natural forest coffee bar, patchwork layout, is a good place to rest and relax.

Ngày hội đi bộ Hapoin 3

Sheshan after playing the whole thing, and everyone felt walking was not fun. We also went to the Moon Lake Sculpture Park on the way, entering the park you can see some strange sculptures: a large sculpture that seems like a sail, reminds us of the scene and a mountain, he carries a wealth of associations. A distinctive feature is reminiscent of a sculpture, its upper part, at first glance resembles a lion’s head, the lower part of the square is made of marble …… right Immediately greeted by an artificially developed lake, because its shape resembles the moon, it is called Moon Lake. The far point, several majestic mountain ranges surrounding the lake, seems like a lively landscape. In the sunlight, we also revived the shooting image, all of them became young and energetic.

Ngày hội đi bộ Hapoin 4

Hiking this day, not only to relax, but also to do physical exercises you will, we feel the beauty of nature and good things, next more fully mentally and State dedication to a new job!

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