HAPOIN ENTERPRISE has just achieved the title of TAMURA’s No. 1 elite agent in 2017

During TAMURA’s 2017 general agents meeting, on January 11, 2018, HAPOIN achieved the title of TAMURA’s No. 1 elite agent in 2017.

Also during the meeting, TAMURA general director spoke about the prospects for development in the industry and promoting the promotion of new products. For example, solder paste no. 6, TLF-204-G series, high temperature solder paste TLF-286. Also introduced are TLF-204-171AK, TLF-402-13, mainly used in the production of PCs and household electrical appliances..

After introducing the product, TAMURA general director announced the award ceremony for outstanding agents and outstanding new customers.

Giám đốc kinh doanh của HAPOIN Carson nhận giải

HAPOIN’s Sales Director Carson was honored to receive the award and give a speech on behalf of the entire company, reporting on the achievements HAPOIN has achieved in 2017, as well as recalling the cooperation process over the past 10 years, and Let’s work together in the future.

General Director of TAMURA also spoke, appreciating the cooperation of the two sides, praising TAMURA’s great efforts, and congratulating HAPOIN with two No. 1 awards.

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