August 23, 2016, Hapoin in the company held a “big hand holding small hand Happy Family Day” father-child activities, participating in employee activities and the children spent a day happy and meaningful. Early in the morning, the children’s parents held hands and excitedly arrived in the company. As long as the involuntary colorful balloon doors arranged on the walls attract children to get the balloons to have all the fun, the company’s family activities will soon go beyond the sky. happy atmosphere between children.

Ngày Gia đình Hapoin

After students attended, under the leadership of their parents, they signed the wall playfully leaving their little fingerprints and their names and pictures, and adults, especially for This business family living celebrates. During this event, Hapoin children carefully prepared delicious drink dessert bags, also prepared a beautiful hair ornament and good stationery gifts for children of all ages.

Ngày Gia đình Hapoin 2

The company started a parent-child activity! The children sat obediently in the company of the large conference room at the support of their parents, along with completing the three-dimensional EVA DIY collage contest, and the winners who participated in the young children received their favorite small prizes. they are very happy. Next is the time for facial painting activities, I see two big and small paint pigments and carefully deployed to the scene of the baby and parents painting a beautiful pattern, after I heard some children did not Do you want to go home and clean? Companies in family operations are commendable that most mothers “and parents working together” part, mothers with children visiting their work area, small has turned into a small “people’s workplace,” Xiangmoxiangyang he started working. The whole event had a very warm atmosphere, parents with a small smile, an encouraging look and a gentle language children promptly recognized every progress and raised their self-confidence. children, and together create an exciting Hapoin family.

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Parent-child activities until noon the interior department, the company arranged a special car sent to participate in the activities of the child’s parents went to the Pizza Hut restaurant in a comfortable atmosphere of the children Enjoy a sumptuous lunch.

Good times always fly, wonderful memories are always memorable, we use family day record of beautiful moments. emotions So we mixed, in fact, happiness is very simple, on the side of love, family happiness, in the future because love is born!

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