Last October 15, with fresh autumn air and bright sunshine, Shenzhen Thuy Hoa Hapoin Technology Co., Ltd. held the opening ceremony of its new office.

With the permission of Shanghai-based Hapoin Group and the guidance of Vice President Chen, director Liu went through the process of site selection and inspection carefully and meticulously, providing full support. enough for Shenzhen Company to optimize the design of decoration plans and procurement of office furniture and electric lighting equipment. Everything was completed after 90 days of construction.

Hình ảnh văn phòng Hapoin Thâm Quyến - Thụy Hòa

Hình ảnh văn phòng Hapoin Thâm Quyến – Thụy Hòa vào ngày khai trương

Since its establishment on September 9, 2010, Hapoin Shenzhen Ruihe  has achieved steady progress step by step, the company has continued to grow and develop and achieve good results so far . According to the company’s strategic and development plan, the office was moved from Nanshan (about 300 square meters) to Building 302, Kaicheng Hi-Tech Park, Longhua District. The new office space is spacious and bright up to 1,200 square meters.

At 8:30 a.m. on the day of the office move, all Shenzhen company employees arrived early and prepared to decorate the office with flower baskets and colorful decorations.

The new office is decorated simply and elegantly, each department area is planned appropriately, providing a more comfortable and professional office environment for all employees.

Hình ảnh văn phòng Hapoin Thâm Quyến - Thụy Hòa 2

Lễ khai trương văn phòng Hapoin Thâm Quyến – Thụy Hòa

At 9:00 a.m., guests including representatives of the building management, customer representatives, etc., the group’s president came to congratulate and give a speech briefly summarizing the company’s development process in the past. the past few years. Through this, it also provides clear instructions about the company’s current work and future development plans. Director Luu-Hapoin Shenzhen also made requests to all employees based on the future business plan, calling on everyone to cooperate together and make persistent efforts to expand and strengthen the fields company’s business.

At 9:09 a.m., an auspicious hour according to Chinese customs, the company’s new office space was officially launched! At this moment, four greetings rang out at the same time! Then there was thunderous applause, loud voices, laughter, an extremely lively scene took place. Everyone enthusiastically interacted and witnessed this landmark moment together!

The congratulatory party was held at Shunde restaurant with the participation of all staff and guests. Director Luu made a speech expressing his welcome and gratitude to the guests. We believe that  with the ingenious guidance of the group’s leadership and the efforts of all employees will  promote development company to new heights, and together  open up a beautiful future.


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